Everyone in plastic surgery abroadthe connected world knows just how popular cosmetic surgery is in Portland and in the rest of the USA. Just about every social class in the states seems to get their fill of the procedures, from do it yourselfers to athletes. What comes as a small surprise to most Americans is how prevalent these surgeries are in some foreign lands where you’d least expect it. Our southern neighbors in Mexico, as an example, are the biggest purchasers of bariatric surgery in the world.

Always research as many doctors as possible and find the one most qualified for your procedure to achieve the best results. More than just a look into the psychology of other nations, use this list as a way to get in touch with the idea of traveling to the most qualified surgeon for your procedure.

Down Under the Knife

Both implants and breast lifts are the two most popular surgeries in the country, and not just for its citizens – australia sees plenty of surgery touring from America for implants. Koreans know their way around the facial surgeries and nose jobs, but if you’re looking for perfection in breasts you might want to consider talking to an Aussie. Down under the demand for breast implants is absolutely massive, and Australian surgeons have gained more than a knack at meeting the demand with quality.

Thai’s High End Surgeons

Thailand’s cut throat competition in every facet of life has forged an attitude that there’s always room to improve no matter where you are. All the focus on business and study has forced the Thai to compromise their physical bodies, and as such the average weight in the country has skyrocketed. As such, the most popular cosmetic surgery in Thailand is, by a landslide by the way, the liposuction procedure. While you might not initially think of this location as the best to find a decent liposuction its actually the best place for it. Even the lower end surgeons are famous for preventing almost all scar tissues.

Cosmetic Flagship Nation

Its no wonderplastic surgeons of korea they’re so talented, as Korea is the #1 cosmetically enhanced and altered nation in the world. Korea is renounced worldwide for its precision, expertise, and overall skill when it comes to plastic surgery – its widely regarded as the best nation to receive a cosmetic procedure in. The outcomes of the Korean surgeries are almost reality defining at times, even the street advertisements are amazing to see just how much they can change someone. Surgery in South Korea will cost you however, some of the top surgeons in the Gangnam district charge upwards of 10k for even minor procedures.

Greek Surprise

The most typical demand of the surgeons in Greece? Breast augmentation surgeries and penis enhancement procedures of course. Greece is certainly one of the last European countries you might think of seeing on a post such as this – their economy certainly doesn’t reflect a cosmetically demanding populous. What might be surprising even more is that Greece comes in second for plastic surgeries per capita, only behind S. Korea. This just goes to show how the unification and expansion of all communication and economy has come to highlight certain industries where they might not have otherwise been noticed.